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IN 1905 Captain Peabody Fawcett R.N Ret’d, the intrepid & eminent Edwardian explorer, disappeared whilst attempting to navigate to the source of the Ubangi, a major tributary to the Congo River. No trace was ever found of his seemingly doomed expedition... until that is, in 1997, an old battered trunk purchased at a house clearance sale, was taken home & its locks forced. Incredibly, amongst its decaying & mildewed contents was found an exquisite dressing case containing salves, unguents, ointments & the missing adventurers long lost journals. Scattered amongst the many tales of hardship, derring do and wonders seen, where one was expected to “keep a stiff upper lip, regardless”, were found meticulously detailed lists of exotic ingredients for use in the Captain’s very own grooming requisites. These precise formulae have been faithfully followed and Fawcett’s original potions, along with his world renowned Moustache Wax are now available to the discerning gentleman for the first time in over a century.


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  • For the gentleman who appreciates the finest of pleasures. Captain Fawcett's''Expedition Reserve''Moisturiser is an elegant salve, richly formulated with a fresh subtle scent to leave skin feeling sil ...
  • Captain Fawcett's most useful'Folding Pocket Beard Comb [CF.82T]'is now available with your own selection of Beard Oil. Choose from an array of'8 magnificent fragrances'to create a most personal gift ...
  • Captain Fawcett's collaboration with'Alessandro Manfredini'has created an Eau de Parfum rich with memory. A most seductive'Signature Series'evocative of Italy's capricious seasons. Woody spiced top no ...
  • A most luxurious body wash and shampoo gift set for the elegant modern gentleman with an adventurous spirit. Gift Set Includes: These shower and bath time essentials are inspired by the many aromatic ...
  • Captain Fawcett is delighted to have collaborated with the World renowned Dandy & Gentleman about town'Mr Ricki Hall'to assemble this extremely useful''Booze & Baccy''Beard & Moustache Survival Kit. C ...
  • Feeling Debonair? Of course you are dear Chap! Captain Fawcett presents the second instalment of Gustav Temple’s Top Secret inspection of the HQ laboratory, investigating exactly how that delectable t ...
  • I am delighted to present Ricki Hall’s 'Booze & Baccy' Collection in its full swaggering glory. Now with two new bespoke companions...a luxurious conditioning shampoo and refreshing body wash. World r ...

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