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Capsicolle's Heat Patches, Capsaicin Cream and K-Tape are based in nature, using humble but proven plant-power to provide pain relief and aid mobility.

Our 100% natural products have outstanding consumer feedback and benefits that go far beyond what the competition brings to the table.

Trends within the heat therapy and pain market segments globally indicate double digit growth until 2030 and 
beyond. Throughout, consumer trends will continue to favour natural products. Capsicolle is well placed for this. 

Data from a major pharmacy chain in the EU shows that the customer base for our products is not only growing, but it is seeing steep growth within younger audiences, guaranteeing customer loyalty and commercial success for decades to come.


United Kingdom
United Kingdom


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  • The all natural 12x18cm Capsaicin Heat Patch is an easy to apply super-thin plaster that produces a deep penetrating warmth with an enhanced ability to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • A single application of Capsicolle Capsiacin Cream provides up to 8 hours powerful pill-free pain relief in the joints, shoulders, back and other muscles. Capsicolle Capsiacin Cream is vegan with has ...

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