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Something as simple as embedding a video can be a daunting or tricky task if it isn't something you've had much cause to do before and aren't quite sure where to find the relevant bit of code you'll need. If you have an enhanced or platinum exhibitor profile, we have enabled the opportunity for you to take videos that you have uploaded to popular video hosting websites like YouTube and embed them into your exhibitor profile on our website. Visitors will then be able to see your selection of videos and watch them without leaving your profile to do so.

In order to embed your video, you will first need to upload it to a video hosting website like YouTube, Dailymotion etc. Once your video is live you'll need to find the embed code, then copy and paste this into the embed code field in the 'Add your videos' section of your exhibitor zone. If finding the embed code is the part you find tricky then you're in luck as we'll now take you through a step by step process to find this using YouTube as an example, with screenshots to make things clearer.

Step One - Click Share

Once you've selected the video you wish to embed and have uploaded it to YouTube, simply navigate to that video and click the 'Share' button found to the bottom right of the video, between the 'like', 'dislike' and 'save' buttons.

How to embed YouTube videos Step One


Step Two - Click Embed

Having clicked 'Share' a pop up will appear providing you with a series of options. Click 'Embed'.

YouTube How to embed videos Step Two

Step Three - Copy the Embed Code

At this point you'll be given a couple of options including what time you would like the video to start at (if you leave this box unticked the video will start from the beginning). The important thing here however is the code displayed under 'Embed Video'. You can either select all of this code, right click and select copy or simply click on the button labelled 'copy' in the bottom right hand corner.

YouTube How to embed videos Step Three

Step Four - Paste into the 'Video Embed Code' field

You have now copied the embed code for your chosen video and all that's left is to paste that code into the relevant field on the exhibitor zone (your Virtual Showroom). You can right click and select paste, or hold CTRL and V on your keyboard to paste the code into the box titled ' Video Embed Code'. Now simply fill in the rest of the fields with things like Title, Featured Image (this is the image that will show in the thumbnail on your profile, representing the video) and Description, then click the 'Submit' button to complete the process.

YouTube How to embed videos Step Four

All Done!

We hope you found this step by step guide helpful, if however you continue to experience difficulties do get in touch via exhibitor@springfair.com and we'll do our best to rectify them. If you bring up a problem we haven't come across before we may even add it to this how-to guide in order to help others, so we appreciate the feedback.



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