Positivity Card Craft Pack

Our eco-glitter positivity card craft packs are perfect for any crafter.  You can add a magnet to put on the fridge, send to a friend to sparkle up their day, or frame it to put it pride of place in your home.


1 x HOPE Positivity Card

1 x 10ml Glamavan Craft Glue

3 x 1g Fine Biodegradable Glitters in Hot Pink, Green & Gold

How to use:

Apply a small amount of craft glue to the area on the card where you want to decorate in glitter, then brush the glitter on the top, wait a few seconds to dry.


We would suggest applying the glitter in small sections and using 2 types of brushes, a thin brush to apply the craft glue and a eyeshadow type brush to apply the eco glitter

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