Kingmaker | The Royal Relaunch

Gibsons Hall: Hall 5 Stand: 5E14-F15

Gibsons presents the return of the legendary classic Kingmaker, with an all-new enhanced edition featuring a complete redesign and three brand-new game modes.


Kingmaker is a complex, tactical board game set in the tumultuous Wars of the Roses of the 15th Century. Immerse yourself in a treacherous world of tenuous alliances and deadly battles as you deploy armies, win titles, recruit houses and kidnap royals - all to rise to power and seize the throne.


Game components have now been redesigned for ease of play. And, working with original inventor Andrew McNeil, we’ve developed four game modes:

  • The Original Classic Game: in the original version for 2-6 players the only path to victory is controlling the last Crowned piece.
  • Kingmaker II: This updated version is for 2-5 players features a shorter playtime and multiple win conditions, including Alliances and Prestige.
  • The Extended Version: This epic iteration involves extra Crown and Event cards and additional rules for Parliament and Battles.
  • Solo Play: Designed by Steve Froud, the solo game uses the Classic Kingmaker ruleset and a single opponent - an AI bot - that will take you on as a single human player. You can learn more here.


We’ve taken immense care to give this titan the return it deserves. Kingmaker is perfect for master tacticians, elite strategists and lovers of history, providing players with a gateway into the rich and volatile world of 15th Century warfare and strategy. Kingmaker is sure to test the intellects of even the most seasoned gamers. Try your hand today!

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