Honeycombs - Gibsons Games

Gibsons Hall: Hall 5 Stand: 5E14-F15

Honeycombs is the family matching game that will have you buzzing around like bees to a honeypot!  


The aim of the game is to match icons on the tiles to build out your honeycomb. The more matches you make, the more points you score. 


There are bonus points up for grabs if you can make a core connection. This means creating a hexagonal honeycomb with seven perfectly matched pieces. Much easier said than done! 


We’ve developed collaborative and competitive game modes, so you can choose a serene or electrifying gaming experience. When going head-to-head with fellow players you can expect high-speed thrills as everyone races to get the best score possible.  


The game stops when the first person connects all their tiles. But don’t be hasty! Points decide the winner, so place your tiles with caution and make the best connections possible. The game is simple, fun and exciting – perfect for young kids!  


The tiles are constructed from a ceramic-like material which makes them both durable and scratch-resistant. They will remain beautiful and smooth, even after many play sessions with the little ones.  


The tiles and textured pouch are lovely to the touch and are wonderful gift for a loved one – be they young or old! 

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