14 Jan 2023

Is it Faire? Let's stick together

Bathing Beauty Hall: Halls 2, 3+3a Stand: 3T23


Part of being a certified B Corp Brand is the committment that we make to consider all Stakeholders  in every decision that we make.

In a post pandemic world of uncertainity it is really easy to see how these online platforms have taken off.

Initally we were unable to meet at Trade Shows. Then we were rightly cautios about mingling in such large numbers

Then the economy took a nose dive and we were all affected ( some more than other admittedly) and as small independent business, alot of us are very concerned about our Bounce Back Loan Repayments and cash flow

It is completely understandable the lure of payment terms, free shipping and low MOQ.......... But is it worth the commission?

We are always considering how we can offer best value and best support to all our customers, wholesale and retail.

WE decided to remove all MOQ's from our site, we also removed the free shipping threshold. Giving all stockists a free shipping code.

WE also reminded stockists that we have a full library of professional images we can share and invested in hard copy brand POS for stores to have. To help eductae themselves and their customers and help support the retail journey of their customers

We still encourage our stockists to take advantage of our free Stockist in the Spotlight Opportunities which we share across our social channels. This helps to establish you as an official Bathing Beauty Stockist

We love to build long and lasting relationships with our customers, we get to know them and their teams really well. By working together directly we can mutually support our small independant businesses.

Come and meet our Founder on stand 3T23 and tell us what you think.


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