Xootz - Electric Scooters

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  • Xootz - Electric Scooters
  • Xootz - Electric Scooters
Xootz - Electric Scooters Xootz - Electric Scooters

Xootz - Electric Scooters

Xootz - Enigma Electric Scooter

The Enigma E-Scooter offers a thrilling ride designed for ages 6 and above. With a swift charging time of 2-3 hours, this electric scooter ensures minimal downtime, so the fun never stops. Enjoy an impressive 60 minutes of continuous run time, reaching speeds of up to 10 km/h, striking the perfect balance between excitement and safety.

Designed for convenience, the Enigma E-Scooter features an easy-fold system, allowing for compact storage in a snap. Simply fold down the handlebars & stem and stow away, keeping your space clutter-free. The intuitive thumb throttle control makes manoeuvring a breeze, providing young riders with a responsive and enjoyable experience.
The Enigma E-Scooter offers a perfect blend of performance and practicality. Empower your young adventurer with a scooter that's as dynamic as they are.

Xootz - Eclipse Electric Scooter

Get ready to ride with the Xootz Eclipse Scooter! Reaching speeds of up to 10km/h, the Eclipse offers high speed thrills for kids ages 6+. With a 30 minute run time and a powerful lithium battery, kids will be able to dart in and out of obstacles with ease. The Eclipse features an easy folding system meaning it's perfect for travelling storing and the 5" PU front wheel makes for a smooth ride. Available in a striking blue design, the Eclipse will be the coolest scooter around. 


Xootz - Elements Electric Scooter

Speed. Agility. Excitement! Capable of reaching speeds of 8km/h, the Xootz Elements Electric Scooter in blue will provide hours of high-speed thrills for active children aged 6 years and over.

Using the easy-to-use thumb throttle placed on the Elements' cushioned bars, kids will be able to dart in and out of obstacles at the local park. Thanks to the powerful integrated 70W belt driven motor they’ll love being propelled along at speed! This coupled with the high capacity 12V rechargeable battery gives this e-scooter a huge range of over 8km on a single charge (weight and terrain dependent). Neatly integrated into the deck of the scooter, it keeps the centre of gravity low, offering an even more stable and controllable ride.

With the Elements Scooter, every journey along the pavement or around the park is super smooth thanks to its PU wheels with LED lights. Running out of battery doesn’t mean an end to the fun either. Boasting no motor resistance, this innovative e-scooter can even be used as a traditional push scooter, giving the little rider the best of both worlds. When it is time to stop or slow down, the built-in foot brake provides more than enough stopping power for a controlled and safe ride. Travelling and storing is also simple with the Elements and its collapsible bars. Able to be folded down into a compact size and locked into position, the Element can be easily stored and transported so it can be enjoyed on your next family day out or holiday!


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