Why Women Live Longer - Gift Book

Boxer Hall: Hall 4 Stand: 4G10-H11

Ever wonder why ladies outlive the gents? Is it good health habits? Superior genes? Nope, it's because some men are, well, just being men! From their wild and wacky booze-fueled adventures to their questionable attempts at logic, men seem to have a knack for paving their way to an early grave.

But don't take our word for it - let this rib-tickling book do the talking! Packed with quirky stats and knee-slapping examples, it's a fun-filled ride that proves that sometimes, ladies really do know best. From snuggling up to grizzly bears to playing with dangerous explosives, these 96 pages answer that age-old question: why DO women live longer than men?

So if you’re looking for mens gifts for Christmas, funny and unusual gifts for your partner of just a stocking filler gift for male friends and family, this gift book is a unique way to remind men that sometimes, women are wiser!


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