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Lasgo Hall: Hall 4 Stand: 4E52

Lasgo has over 40 years of Vinyl history and is now one of the biggest wholesalers of vinyl in the world! We passionately believe that tteh best way to experience, appreciate and enjoy the music you love is to hear it on vinyl record.

We have experience of shipping viny to over 50 countires worldwide, enjoying the fact that in many key markets such as the UK, US and Germany vinyl sales are at their highest for over 20 years.

Lasgo has invested heavily in the format over the last 10 years and now have an in-stock offer of over 20,000 lines of classic catalogue including hunders of exciting exclusives.

In addition to our 'in-stock' skus, Lasgo offers comprehensive vinyl pre-order and back order services for over 60,000 vinyl titles available in the UK


  • £20 - £49
  • £50 - £99
  • Collectibles & Memorabilia
  • Games, Crafts & Books
  • Clothing
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Gift
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