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Inspired by the practice of mindfulness by Moving Stationery & distributed exclusively by Allsorted.



Definition: Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we're doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what's going on around us


Post pandemic, Trigg is part of an emerging movement of productivity and mindfulness. The constant reviewing within Trigg products ensures you assess both the hits and misses, observing where you've been to see where you want to go''


Why do you need Trigg in your life?

'' Aimed at 18- 50-year-olds- especially graduates and professionals and simply anyone who values a daily diary, but whose life needs compartmentalising and guiding structures

'' The need to disconnect. Trigg is a direct and practical antidote to digital overload and online burn out. Trigg offers a space to ground yourself and focus

'' To help you to tackle distraction and a sense of failing to deliver on your potential

'' To nurture and grow your sense of gratitude in these uncertain times

'' Trigg helps you to understand that life isn't all about the destination''. it's about the journey

'' To be inspired by the wisdom of featured quotes and teachings

'' The range is superbly designed and in portable sizes to fit stylishly within your hectic life

'' You can build a year with each of the 3-month undated Mappers

'' With the Gratitude Journal and Undated Mappers- the format is rolling and 'snackable,' no weeks, no dates, no pressures. Skip about the pages and prompts!



Product List:

  • Life Mapper A5 2023 in Teal (9781912295418)
  • Life Mapper A5 2023 in Orange (9781912295807)
  • Life Mapper A5 Undated in Teal (9781912295425)
  • Life Mapper Undated A5 3-Month Grey (9781912295555)
  • Life Mapper Undated A5 3-Month Green (9781912295517)
  • Life Mapper Undated A5 3-Month Stone (9781912295562)
  • Life Mapper Undated A5 3-Month Teal (9781912295548)
  • Gratitude Journal A5 (9781912295524)
  • Notebook A5 Dark Grey (9781912295500)
  • Notebook A5 Yellow (9781912295531)
  • Daily & Weekly Desk Companion (9781912295494)
  • Stickie Notes Urgent (9781912295432)
  • Stickie Notes Top Three Tasks (9781912295470)
  • Stickie Notes To Do List (9781912295463)
  • Stickie Notes Important (9781912295449)
  • Stickie Notes For Later (9781912295487)
  • Stickie Notes Delegate (9781912295456)




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