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4-7 FEBRUARY 2024

The Flamelights

Luxa Ltd Hall: Hall 5 Stand: 5B20-C21
  • The Flamelights
  • The Flamelights
The Flamelights The Flamelights

The Silk Flamelights are our hardy perennials.  40 different designs, colours and materials  -  steel, bamboo, rattan  -  black, brown, silver and copper.  The Flamelights make awesome displays anywhere in-store  -  if they think your shop's caught fire, they will go and have a look.  Now with non-fray silk flames and long-life electronic transformer.

Have a look at our 'Videos' section on this site, or pop in to our Video Showroom at www.luxalondon.com for more information.

  • Steel  -  silver, black and copper
  • Woven  -  bamboo, rattan, twine
  • 12v mains transformer


  • £20 - £49
  • £50 - £99
  • Him
  • Her
  • The Family
  • Easter
  • Halloween
  • Christmas Lights
  • Lamps
  • Floor Lights
  • Lanterns
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