'Snug-Rug' Microfibre Beach Towel

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  • 'Snug-Rug' Microfibre Beach Towel
  • 'Snug-Rug' Microfibre Beach Towel
'Snug-Rug' Microfibre Beach Towel 'Snug-Rug' Microfibre Beach Towel

Snug-Rug® is a Registered Trademark of CKB Ltd.
UK00002512500 / EU018013346

Available in 2 sizes: Large 80 x 160cm & Extra Large 90 x 200cm

8 Different Colours: Dapple Grey, Salmon Rose Pink, Eclipse Blue, Jester Red, Beach Glass Turquoise, Sea Fog Mauve, Crystal Sea Blue & Beach Sand Beige.

Our Snug-Rug Microfibre Towel is the perfect combination of comfort, usability and practicality.

If you don’t want to carry around a soggy wet towel after a swim, our microfibre travel towel will dry you quickly and won’t weigh your bag down.

Anti-Bacterial / Hygienic
Microfibres catch pathogens and bacteria reducing the risk of illness and germs being spread around.
These properties also prevent odour build-ups on the towel, which means less washing!

Microfibre is extremely durable, with thousands of ‘loops’ per square inch of material, making it strong and longlasting.

Fast Drying
Dries around 4 times faster than a regular cotton towel.

Weighing only 200g makes our towel pack perfect for sports and travel.

Easy Clean
Unlike most cotton towels that degrade and wither with regular use, microfibres can be cleaned easily on a quick wash in the washing machine.

Sand Proof
Sand won't cling on to our towel as with normal cotton beach towels, it is also large enough to use as a family beach towel.

Compact / Easy to Carry Around
Due to the material that our towels are made from, you can easily fold or squash them into a compact size, making carrying much easier.
The included carry case is hard wearing and perfect for holding your towel when not in use wet or dry!


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