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4-7 FEBRUARY 2024

SNOAP Shower Puffs

Snoap Hall: Halls 2, 3+3a Stand: 3T52
  • SNOAP Shower Puffs
  • SNOAP Shower Puffs
SNOAP Shower Puffs SNOAP Shower Puffs

Our gorgeous shower puffs are made from recycled ocean plastic - it takes 3 bottles to make each puff - they are intended to be laundered with your towels - and we recommend you wash them as often as you do your towels - when they do eventually come to the end of their lives you can recycle them at the supermarket with your soft plastics - they will never go back into the environment. Choosing either our Erebus or Theia shower puffs is the most difficult of choices as they both look beautiful.  


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