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Rocket Bang Rocket Bang

Rocket Bang is an exciting, family friendly firework themed card game.

Rocket Bang is a modern twist on the classic card game 'sevens', a great card game that requires a fair amount of careful strategy to win. We've wrapped the game up in a colourful pack of firework themed cards that add an additional exciting element that opens the game up to younger players. Instead of the four suits of a traditional deck of cards, we have eight different coloured sets of fireworks.

It's a simple but fun game that works well for younger players but also has enough strategy to make it fun for older players too.

We designed the game to make a great classic card game appeal to a younger audience and introduce them to the world of card games.

We've produced the game using high quality plastic coated cards so that it lasts well, and supply it in a neat little tin so it's perfect to drop into a bag for impromptu entertaining.


At Spinning Poodle Games, we are keen to get people off their screens and playing old fashioned games together. We have created a range of fun and exciting family games, loosely based on old classics but with a modern twist. It's our hope that we can get the world laughing and playing together and basically cheer everyone up a bit.


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