Reusable Activity Boards | Double-Sided Wipeable Whiteboard with Free Chisel-tip Marker Pens

Teddo Play Hall: Hall 4 Stand: 4E99

Eco-friendly, compact, versatile & even double-sided! Our highly versatile and portable activity whiteboards are perfect for a number of activities from drawing & doodling to writing, maths, making to-do lists and so much more. There’s no stopping children and adults alike from unleashing their creativity be it at home or work!

Slim design to make them easily portable to carry around at home, classroom, outdoors or even your office, but also generously spacious. Each activity board is double-sided and measures 9 x 12 inches (slightly bigger than A4). When one side is full, simply flip over and you’ll have twice as much work and creative space.

Also comes with a gorgeous chisel-tip dry erase marker pen for Free which you are wlcome to sell as an add-on for £1 or more.

We have taken great care in ensuring all our products are long-lasting & sustainable. Our activity lapboards are durable and reusable allowing you to use them over & over again. They also dry erase easily without leaving any marks.


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