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4-7 FEBRUARY 2024

Nyfasi Deluxe Detangler

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  • Nyfasi Deluxe Detangler
  • Nyfasi Deluxe Detangler
Nyfasi Deluxe Detangler Nyfasi Deluxe Detangler

The first detangler on the market to apply and distribute conditioner while detangling. 


How does it work 

The Deluxe Detangler is made of three parts, a cover, a comb with a reservoir and a distribution mechanism in the form of a roller. Just like a ball pen, the roller rotates once it engages with the hair and applies the consumable in the reservoir on the hair. It can be used in or out of the shower. 



  • Easy Detangling: Our patented mechanism enables local lubrication of tangles and knots, making them easier to detangle and comb through
  • Even distribution: Our patented mechanism helps distribute the product as you comb, enabling even uniform distribution of the product on the hair.
  • Fast application: Joining the process of application and distribution can save up to 30 minutes



  • Our technology: To apply, bring the roller in contact with the hair; just like a ball pen, the roller rotates and applies product to the hair. No need to press, squeeze or push to apply.
  • Wide tooth comb: Strong, long, widely spaced teeth guarantee an effective detangling while minimising damage, promoting length retention and aiding in removing shed hair.
  • Ergonomic shape: The ergonomic shape of the cover and its soft touch finish provide a comfortable hold while maintaining a good grip on wet or dry hands. Well-engineered locking mechanism secures the cover and reservoir comb, preventing spillage and stains on clothes.
  • Reservoir comb: customers use their product of choice; one can use it with mousse to get defined curls, a milky leave-in conditioner for perfect moisture or with a thick repair mask. The Deluxe Detangler is not designed to work with thin oils, liquids, butter, or thick conditioners.


The Deluxe Detangler in a nutshell

  • Community-led innovation: From its ideation to its development and packaging, the Deluxe Detangler was developed with 50 women.
  • UK Patent granted: Our patent is granted in the UK and pending in various countries, including the USA and Europe.
  • A British innovation: The Deluxe Detangler is a British innovation supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering and Innovate UK
  • An award-winning design: Nyfasi Deluxe Detangler was awarded the iF design award in the health and beauty category
  • Living our legacy: We donate 5% of our profit to provide one-to-one life coaching to young people.
  • Celebrity endorsed: The Deluxe Detangler is endorsed by Felicia Leatherwood: the no 1 hairdresser in Hollywood, and Dr Zoe Williams from ITV This Morning.
  • Press: The press loves our story and our product: We have been featured nationally and internationally, including BBC, BBC World Radio, Women's hour, ITV, French National TV and BBC Afrique.
  • An inspirational founder: Dr Mouhamad is an inventor, an inspirational award-winning scientist named among the top 50 women in engineering and an impactful speaker of a talk titled Journey to purpose.


Testimonial from the self-assessment

 Self-assessed by 30 women with curly, coily and kinky hair for two weeks in the comfort of their homes. All participants affirm that no detangler on the market provides the same benefit. Some called it revolutionary. Testimonial includes: 

Prospera: I use this on my daughter ... She was like, mommy, wow, that's amazing. I don't feel any pain.

Tayo: It's a very innovative product, and the design is great - the way it feels and the way it works - it detangles with ease.

Katia: I love this product, and I can't wait for these to be ready - I'll be buying them for me, my sister, my aunt - everybody!



Celebrity endorsement

Felicia is the world's leading celebrity stylist and educator regarding textured hair. She styled celebrities such as Issa Rae, Viola Davis, Ava Duvernay, and Will Smith. "I love it, it is class, it is top notch" It is also endorsed by Dr Zoe Willams shared it with her 11k followers on Instagram in her own word ", this is genius".


Our founder: An award-winning scientist, inspirational speaker, and inventor 

Dr Youmna Mouhamad has a PhD in physics and six years of experience as a research engineer in printing and coating where she contributed to two patents. Dr Mouhamad had the idea of the Deluxe Detangler in 2017. For two years, she struggled to realise her idea but convinced by her potential; she sought the services of a holistic coach. In this space, she broke her limiting beliefs and built the discipline and mindset necessary to pursue her dream. This is why she wants to contribute to freeing the potential of the next generation. 5% of the profits will be donated to offer individual coaching to young people aged 15 to 25. Her contribution to her community and as an innovator has been acknowledged by the many awards she won:


  • Chwarea Teg Womenspire STEM 2020
  • Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship 2020
  • Talents from French Overseas 2021
  • Top 50 Women in Engineering 2022



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