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Wilton Bradley Ltd Hall: Hall 5 Stand: 5F32-G33, 5G30-H32
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Mi-Mic Live Mi-Mic Live

Mi-Mic Live: Unleash Your Inner Vlogger 

Leading the charge in the realm of pocket-sized vlogging kits is the Mi-Mic Live, an innovative kit that empowers young creators to capture their moments in style. Winner of the Tech category in the Big Christmas Wish List at this year's Big Christmas Press Show, this all-in-one kit includes a clip-on ring light with 23 customizable settings, ensuring the perfect lighting for any scenario. The clip-on microphone, equipped with noise-cancelling technology and an impressive 30m range, delivers crystal-clear audio for captivating content creation. Available with both USBC and Apple Lightning connections, the Mi-Mic Live Kit is compatible with a wide range of devices and the product has already proven popular with creators. Get ready to embark on a vlogging adventure with the Mi-Mic Live – where creativity knows no bounds. 


  • £20 - £49
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Kids, Toys & Play
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