Make your own Cured Bacon Kit

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  • Make your own Cured Bacon Kit
  • Make your own Cured Bacon Kit
Make your own Cured Bacon Kit Make your own Cured Bacon Kit

Cure your own bacon & salmon at home using professional artisan methods provided in our award-winning range of curing kits. 

Our Bacon Curing Kit was voted 'Best Food Product' in the Cotswold Life Food & Drink Awards 2015. Our Salmon Curing Kit also won 'Gift of the Year' in 2017. 

Our range of Homemade Curing Kits were launched in 2014, with the original Bacon Curing Kit. The inspiration behind the range was that we wanted to create a kit that used a professional method of curing bacon & salmon, but it was easy enough to allow everyone to give it a go.

The Bacon Kit includes three different flavoured curing mixes, sealable curing bags, muslin, gloves, a butcher's hook, and an easy-to-ready instructions booklet. The curing process takes 7 days, but the initial preparation only takes half an hour. You will need 500g of pork belly, which we recommend getting from your local butchers. 

Benefits - 

  • Packaged in a reusable & recyclable cardboard box with a paper sleeve 
  • Allows you to cure up to 1.5g of bacon 
  • Curing your own bacon at home will provide quality bacon as the curing process draws out the moisture, which means you don't get the watery texture that supermarket bacon gives. 
  • A great gift for bacon lovers and anyone looking to try something a little different 


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