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Korbond - Care, Repair, Create Korbond - Care, Repair, Create

Korbond - Care, Repair, Create is a trusted brand champion within the haberdashery market & can be found across many retailers within the UK and Internationally, including; major retail grocers, high street multiples, online retailers, independent specialists & wholesalers.'Each product has been carefully developed to deliver exceptional quality & value for money, providing retailers with credible products to support a wide variety of everyday sewing & mending, clothes care & crafting activities.'

Continue reading and learn more about the individual product ranges below, and/ or copy and paste the following link into your web browser to see our products brought to life in our new brand videos, for an enhanced customer experience.'http://bit.ly/2NneI6G

Core Thread:

For an excellent value thread, with no shrinkage and excellent colour fastness, the Korbond range of polyester threads, available in a popular range of colours, cannot be beaten for everyday sewing and mending tasks.

Professional Thread:

The Korbond professional threads are specially wound onto a spindle in the production process to reduce needle friction and deterioration when sewing. Including polyester, cotton, top stitch, shirring elastic and transparent options for all project types.

Thread Packs:

Bestselling multi-packs of threads provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for projects that do not require a large amount of stitching. The Korbond thread variety packs are also a perfect introductory to a variety of crafts including embroidery.'


Made from Acrylic fibre, Korbond DK yarns are first manufactured as a single filament, which is then folded together in the same process as wool. Available in 45 colours accross our DK, Baby, Chunky and Twinkle yarn ranges.'


The Korbond needle range is manufactured from high quality hardened carbon steel to ensure the needles have appropriate strength and flex for fulfilling a multitude of sewing applications. The construction of each needle is carefully inspected to consistently deliver a precise shaped eye and clean point to eliminate fabric snagging.


The Korbond range of pins are manufactured to exacting standards using polished high tensile steel wire, which is then nickel plated for a smooth non-tarnish finish. Pins are key to the preparation of many projects, so a precise and consistent construction is essential to prevent snagging of materials.


The Korbond Scissor collection features a range of sizes and designs for varying tasks. Each scissor is manufactured with strict precision grinding and polishing methods to ensure a clean and resistance free cutting performance. Every pair of scissors is individually hand checked to maintain consistent optimum quality and to deliver a guaranteed performance.

Embroidery & Sewing Tools:

A collection of carefully selected sewing and crafting tools suitable for a wide variety of soft crafts and sewing projects. From chalk wheels and stitch rippers to tape measures and sewing machine bobbins, these are the essential accessories that support the home sewer or the crafter to enable a perfected result.

Sewing Kits:

A range of sewing and starter kits for a multitude of uses. Including carefully selected starter sets for beginners, these kits offer an entry level starting point for those that want to take up a new creative hobby, as well as larger professional sewing caddies for use at home on those larger projects, or for the traveller something small and convenient for those on the move emergency repairs.

Knitting & Crochet Tools:

The Korbond assortment of practical tools and accessories are ideal for hand knitting or crochet. Korbond knitting needles are available in a range of popular sizes and made from either smooth coated aluminium, plastic or natural bamboo.'These carefully selected essentials tools are dependable and support the knitter throughout each project.

Clothes Care:'

A comprehensive range of fixings & fasteners, tools & accessories for replacing, altering or caring for garments and furnishings. Whether it's a button, a zipper, a press stud, some elastic, a shoe lace, hemming web, a lint roller or a laundry bag our products will help preserve and increase the life of a multitude of clothing and upholstery.


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