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4-7 FEBRUARY 2024


Fallen Fruits Ltd Hall: Hall 4 Stand: 4B20-C21

Kokedama literally translates to "moss ball."  It is a moss-covered hanging or standing ball that contains a plant and is a type of Japanese garden art that is closely related to bonsai. 

We've made it really simple to create your own kokedama with our ready made moss balls and special kokedama potting soil and rope. Combine the various kokedamas with an assortment of plants to create a completely new and trendy look in your garden or home. 

The success of your kokedama depends largely on the soil used. Our mixture contains three parts; Black peat, called Ketoh in Japan, which is collected from the bottom of the oldest rice fields and contains remnants of rice straw.  Akadama soil, a volcanic soil that contaoins granules of clay, and is valued for its ability to to retain water and provide aeration, porosity and drainage. Finally, coconut fibre which has the ability to store water very well. 

The olive green coloured twine camouflages perfectly with the moss so it cannot be easily seen. It is a natural an dtear resistant material and comes wrapped on a star shaped coil for ease of use. 

The ready made moss balls can be used instead of fresh moss. These are perfect for beginners and once filled with kokedama soil are ready to plant up and display.


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