Jasper Aroma Diffuser

  • Jasper Aroma Diffuser
  • Jasper Aroma Diffuser
Jasper Aroma Diffuser Jasper Aroma Diffuser

Add a classic and elegant showpiece to your home with the Jasper Aroma Diffuser. The beautiful hand blown glass cover is reminiscent of polished marbled gemstone, which radiates a soft glow, giving a warm light that radiates through the glass body. Each piece is unique in its patterns and swirls, making each Jasper something to be treasured in your home.''''The Jasper releases a cool scented mist at the touch of a button, melting away worries and stress with blissful aromatherpay, whilst filling your home with fragrance.''

With several different light and mist settings the Jasper is extremely versatile. Relax and unwind with a comforting glow or use the night mode with intermittent mist setting for a restful and dreamy night's sleep. A beautiful and luxurious addition to your home interior which fills your home with your favourite scent. The relaxing glow and lustrous glass cover helps you relax and unwind whilst the fragranced aromatherapy mist brings an air of tranquility.


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