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Hide The Slug Hide The Slug

Hide The Slug is a fantastic card game of bluff and cunning. Can you sneak the slugs amongst the fruit to win?

Hide The Slug is an entertaining card game loosely based on the classic card game 'cheat'. The colourful pack of cards contains 36 fruit cards and 16 slug cards. In order to win the game, players must try and sneak the slug cards in amongst the fruit cards without any of the other players noticing. It's a very simple but very entertaining game that works with groups of 3 - 10 people, and it works especially well with large mixed age groups.

We designed the game as an activity that would work with a large group of family or friends, to play in a setting such as a pub garden. The game is simple enough that youngsters get the hang of it, but there is enough strategy to it that it is also great fun for older players.

We've produced the game using high quality plastic coated cards so that it lasts well, and supply it in a neat little tin so it's perfect to drop into a bag for impromptu entertaining.

At Spinning Poodle Games, we are keen to get people off their screens and playing old fashioned games together. We have created a range of fun and exciting family games, loosely based on old classics but with a modern twist. It's our hope that we can get the world laughing and playing together and basically cheer everyone up a bit.


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