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The Hat Game The Hat Game

The Hat Game is a classic parlour game like charades but a lot more fun! It's a game we were introduced to at a family Christmas a few years ago and has become a firm favourite ever since.

The game is very simple - you start by writing things on slips of paper and putting them in a hat. Players then have to communicate what's written on the paper to their team without using any of the words written on the paper. You have to do as many as you can in one minute before the other team gets a go. Three rounds of increasing difficulty make it harder and harder - the first round is no restrictions, the second round allows only three words and the final round allows no words at all. It's a really funny, lively game that works well at group and family get-togethers with mixed age groups.

We love this game so much we put together this set with everything you need to play in a tiny travel sized box.

At Spinning Poodle Games, we are keen to get people off their screens and playing old fashioned games together. We have created a range of fun and exciting family games, loosely based on old classics but with a modern twist. It's our hope that we can get the world laughing and playing together and basically cheer everyone up a bit.


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