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5-8 FEBRUARY 2023

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Handmade reclaimed & salvaged tin sculptures

Besp-Oak Furniture Hall: Halls 8,7,6 Stand: 6A10-B11, 6A20-B21
  • Handmade reclaimed & salvaged tin sculptures
  • Handmade reclaimed & salvaged tin sculptures
Handmade reclaimed & salvaged tin sculptures Handmade reclaimed & salvaged tin sculptures

Our tin animal sculptures come with a humble story of supporting our craftsmen of India.

We work closely with a few families in India helping them to create a sustainable life whilst helping the pollution and garbage crisis around most of India.

India’s streets are polluted with large quantities of oil drums, these items are usually dumped or burnt along with other discarded garbage. The biggest problem is that there are no proper disposal options for this kind of waste.

We met with our families many years ago and worked a plan together to help repurpose these waste products into a sustainable source of income, using materials which were inexpensive, readily available, durable & weatherproof. Creating these tin sculptures gives our families a good source of income, keeps their skills growing and also passes these skills down the generations, bettering every life longer term.

The drums have their top & base removed, the body is flattened and this is then snipped and shaped into the sculptures you buy today. Each marking & print design is as unique & authentic as the craftsman themselves, which is why every sculpture you buy is subtly different in their design and shade.


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