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  • Glo Aroma Diffuser
  • Glo Aroma Diffuser
Glo Aroma Diffuser Glo Aroma Diffuser

The Glo Aroma Diffuser raises your energy and boosts your mood with the perfect balance of Aromatherapy and Himalayan Salt Therapy. Glo's humidifying mist relieves stress, energises and awakens your senses whilst filling your home with your favourite scents. Containing 100% Himalyan salt rocks traditionally mined from its source, this is the purest salt on earth containing minerals to benefit your health and wellbeing.'' The warming Himalayan salt cleanses, deoderises and purifies air, improving air quality, reducing stresses and aiding a better nights sleep, giving you the rejuvenated feeling of being in nature, in the own home haven. Not only benefiting your health and wellbeing, Glo makes a beautiful natural and sustainable feature in your home.

Emiting a warming pink light, the Glo diffuser has multiple settings to create the perfect mood at the touch of a button. With luxurious design to fit every home, you can create a natural and relaxing haven to unwind in. Safe around the whole family, like all of our aroma diffusers, Glo is heatless and features auto shut-off technology. Experience the healing and uplifting benefits of Glo for up to 7 hours.''




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