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Professor Puzzle Ltd Hall: Hall 4 Stand: 4H14-J15
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Escape Rooms Escape Rooms

Curse of the Dark
Solve the mystery of a doomed village, its cursed castle, and the evil creature lurking inside, in this thrilling collaborative game! Including 22 interlinked puzzles and innovative gameplay, Curse of the Dark is designed to recreate the escape-room experience at home. Playable in one or two parts, it's ideal for novice or experienced players.

Danger in the Deep
Navigate your way through the deserted sub, disable the warheads and locate the enemy agent. All in two hours! There are 14 interactive and interlinked puzzles, and the detailed instructions, helpful hints, and easy-to-follow game format guarantee novices and experts an immersive experience. Let the countdown begin.

Escape from the Grand Hotel
It's the big re-opening but nothing is quite what it seems. With trouble around every corner, it's up to you to solve the puzzles and uncover the hotel's secrets. Will you escape before time runs out or will you be checking in for the long term?

Escape from the Aquarium
The school trip to the Aquarium takes a magical turn when you're accidentally transformed into a fish! You and your friends need to work together to solve the 11 different logic, number and observational puzzles, as you embark on your quest to break the spell and escape the aquarium. A thrilling underwater adventure designed specially for kids!

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