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5-8 FEBRUARY 2023

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"Cheetah's Throne" - Björn Persson

Zeno Fine Art by S&P Publishing Hall: Halls 8,7,6 Stand: 6E71
Based in Stockholm, Sweden; Björn Persson is an internationally acclaimed and renowned artist. Bjorn has dedicated his life and his work to raising awareness of the situations of endangered species and he uses his photographic fine art as a platform to speak out and combat wildlife poaching, as well as raising and donating substantial amounts of money towards wildlife conservation efforts. He has spent a great number of years travelling around the world, capturing the souls of wildlife and translating their wisdom through his unique approach to wildlife photography. "Cheetah’s Throne" is an iconic image capturing a tranquil moment of a cheetah perched on top of a rock, looking out across the vast landscape of Masai Mara, with rays gently touching the horizon in the background. Björn says “Every trip is very rewarding and different from others. There is never a way to know what to expect from each expedition”. After following the fold for 2 weeks, Björn says the brothers of this particular pack slowly accepted his presence, allowing him to get closer and capture this intimate photograph.


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