'Bow-wows & Meow-wows'

Raspberry Blossom Hall: Halls 2, 3+3a Stand: 3S25
  • 'Bow-wows & Meow-wows'
  • 'Bow-wows & Meow-wows'
'Bow-wows & Meow-wows' 'Bow-wows & Meow-wows'

Our award winning Pawsome collection, with all our cute and furry cats and dogs, have had a litter of their own! 8 in total – 5 puppies and 3 kittens that all come with a cream envelope. They are die cut and a new mini size for Raspberry Blossom – 95mm x 125mm. From dachshund puppies to tabby kittens, they are the cutest cards ever!


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  • Greetings Cards, Stationery & Wrapping
  • Greeting Cards, Stationery & Wrapping
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