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10 Dec 2021

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CANOFF Game Hall: Hall 5 Stand: 5M40
Yorkshire Evening Post - Print & Media
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Leeds man realises his dream to develop 'Canoff' - a game originally invented on a lads holiday.


A game initially invented on a booze-fuelled lads holiday has turned into reality thanks to the creative genius - and pandemic-induced work break - of Leeds man Henry Marks.

The 34-year-old, of Ilkley, and a friend came up with the original concept of ‘Canoff’ on a Majorcan beach ten years ago and it proved so popular among their group of friends that he vowed to one day make it for real.

The outdoor game involves two teams and a flying disc which is used to hit the other team’s ‘can’ off a pole - and the first to reach ten points wins.

Teams are also able to win points if they manage to catch their falling can. But bad throws or drop catches mean a penalty - of the opposing team’s choosing.

“It turned into a drinking game but I wanted to market it without the drinking aspect. I have some subtle hints that imply it could be a drinking game but otherwise it’s a fun, point-scoring game that anyone can play.”

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