22 Jan 2024

Xootz Unleashes Exciting New Products at Spring Fair

Wilton Bradley Ltd Hall: Hall 5 Stand: 5F32-G33, 5G30-H32
Xootz Unleashes Exciting New Products at Spring Fair
Xootz Unleashes Exciting New Products at Spring Fair

As the anticipation builds for Spring Fair 2024, attendees can look forward to an exciting showcase of cutting-edge toys and games that redefine playtime. Among the standout products from Wilton Bradley set to steal the spotlight are the Mi-Mic Live Vlogging Kit and the versatile Playhouse Playtray, along with the Cyclone Drift Trike, Enigma Electric Scooter and the Magical Unicorn ride-on from Xootz. 

Mi-Mic Live: Unleash Your Inner Vlogger 

Leading the charge in the realm of pocket-sized vlogging kits is the Mi-Mic Live, an innovative kit that empowers young creators to capture their moments in style. Winner of the Tech category in the Big Christmas Wish List at this year's Big Christmas Press Show, this all-in-one kit includes a clip-on ring light with 23 customizable settings, ensuring the perfect lighting for any scenario. The clip-on microphone, equipped with noise-cancelling technology and an impressive 30m range, delivers crystal-clear audio for captivating content creation. Available with both USBC and Apple Lightning connections, the Mi-Mic Live Kit is compatible with a wide range of devices and the product has already proven popular with creators. Get ready to embark on a vlogging adventure with the Mi-Mic Live – where creativity knows no bounds. 

Playtray: Unlocking Endless Possibilities for Sensory Play 

The Playhouse Playtray takes centre stage as a multipurpose sensory tray designed to elevate kids' playtime experiences. Made out of premium food-safe plastic, the Playtray is perfect for edible sensory play, allowing children to explore their creativity without limits. Easy grip edges and a rectangular shape make it simple to move from room to room, as well as indoors or outdoors. This innovative product redefines playtime, offering a versatile platform for a wide range of activities. The Playhouse Playtray is set to become a staple in households, schools, and play settings, revolutionising the way kids engage with sensory play. 

Xootz Cyclone Drift Trike: Unleash the Thrill Seeker Within 

For thrill-seekers aged 7-14, the Xootz Cyclone Drift Trike takes excitement to a whole new level. A reimagined version of the popular Xootz Typhoon, the Cyclone is an electric drift trike that can reach speeds of up to 16km/h, providing an exhilarating experience for riders. Its cutting-edge design and improved lithium-ion battery allows for 360-degree spins, giving riders the ability to perform daring manoeuvres. The addition of an adjustable seat means the Cyclone can grow with children and with its sleek aesthetic and powerful performance, the Xootz Cyclone Drift Trike is set to become the go-to choice for kids who crave an adrenaline-fueled adventure. 

Xootz Enigma: Electric Fun for Ages 7-13 

Designed for young adventurers aged 7-13, the Xootz Enigma Electric Scooter is set to make waves in 2024. With a top speed of 10km/h, this electric scooter is the perfect blend of speed and safety. Powered by a hub motor, the Xootz Enigma ensures a smooth and efficient ride, while its easy-fold system enhances portability, making it a convenient choice for on-the-go fun. With a quick charging lithium battery, the Enigma boasts an hour of continuous run time, and the adjustable handlebars make this scooter the perfect option for growing kids. The Enigma sets the standard for electric scooters, providing a thrilling yet safe experience for young riders. 

Xootz Magical Unicorn: A Whimsical Ride for Little Ones 

Introducing the Xootz Magical Unicorn – a whimsical ride-on experience tailored for children aged 18 months to 3 years. This enchanting unicorn features a light-up horn that adds a magical touch to every adventure. With unicorn noises and accessories including a carrot for feeding and a hairbrush for styling, the Xootz Magical Unicorn sparks imaginative play and creates unforgettable moments for little ones. Watch as your child's face lights up with joy while they embark on a magical journey aboard this delightful ride-on, boasting a continuous run time of an hour. When play time is over, simply pack away the included accessories into the handy in seat storage. 

As Toyfair 2024 unfolds, attendees can expect to witness these exciting new products in action, with hands-on demonstrations, interactive displays, and the opportunity to engage with the team behind these innovations. These products not only showcase the latest advancements in toy technology but also emphasize the importance of fostering creativity, exploration, and joy in the lives of children. 

Showcasing at Toy Fair, London Olympia 

Wilton Bradley is thrilled to be showcasing all of these products and our Watersports Ranges at Spring Fair. Wilton Bradley welcomes buyers and media representatives to explore these exciting new products at the Wilton Bradley stand Stand: Hall 5 5F32-G33, Hall 5 5G30-H32  for a chance to win some exciting prizes and experience the excitement firsthand. 

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