Our Story So Far

The Outrageous Peacock Hall: Hall 4 Stand: 4D87
Our Story So Far

Hello and welcome to the Outrageous Peacock.

Our home fragrance journey started in 2020 as a hobby during lockdown. Harper and Pappi had a go at making Bath bombs and loved experimenting with different smells and colours. We love our home to smell nice so Daddy asked if they could make room fragrance for the house as he couldn't get out to the shops for a sniff as picking up fragrance in the shops was banned.


Once they created their first room fragrance they decided to also have a go at wax melts and candles for our friends and family. The homemade gifts went down well and were soon being re-ordered. 


As a joke, Daddy suggested that they should start to think about having a go at creating a brand and selling to a broader audience. 

Oh daddy you have such great ideas!


The Outrageous Peacock was hatched.


We decided at the beginning to be a business as eco credible as we could be, so our products are vegan, all of our ingredients are ethically and where possible, locally sourced & we don't use any plastic in our packaging unless we are recycling packaging from our suppliers. 

Harper is teaching us about the world around us as she grows and learns for herself how to respect our environment  


The journey to create for you has been most enjoyable, with a few interesting twists and turns along the way. 

Creating a brand that offers fantastic and unusual fragrance products wrapped and presented with pride is what we hope we are putting in front of you, for your full enjoyment.


Thank you so much for joining us on our fragrance journey and supporting our business as we grow and find our way in the world of  creative home fragrance.

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