Perfumed Candles with Hidden Jewellery, Made in France

Fame Bros. Limited Hall: Hall 4 Stand: 4F76
Perfumed Candles with Hidden Jewellery, Made in France

Each candle is infused with luxurious scents to transport anyone to the Wizarding World. Hidden inside each candle is a unique piece of jewelry, waiting to be discovered. 

The Cinereplicas scented candle collection features a range of unique designs inspired by iconic places and artifacts from the Harry Potter movies. Meet the Platform 9¾, Gringotts, and Marauder's Map candles, as well as the Hogwarts houses candle set, with their 45 to 64 hours burn time and their own unique fragrance.

All of the candles in the collection are made in France with high-quality, natural ingredients and are designed to provide a long-lasting, clean burn. And with a surprise piece of jewelry hidden inside each candle, these scented candles are the perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan who wants to add a touch of magic to their home.

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