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01 Jul 2021

New Ethical brand launch: Ministry of Soap

Ministry of Soap Hall: Halls 2, 3+3a Stand: 3V02
New Ethical brand launch: Ministry of Soap

The Somerset Toiletry Company are thrilled to be introducing 'Ministry of Soap' at Harrogate Home & Gift trade (18-21st July). Despite the challenges of the pandemic, a new facility has been created in Somerset to develop sustainable soap, made using RSPO certified palm oil.

The Ministry of soap’s mission is to create beautiful soap with minimal impact on the environment. The use of segregated sustainable palm oil, certified by RSPO ensures the palm oil used is only sourced from locations where native communities, wildlife and habitats are not threatened.

27 beautifully designed soaps include eco-friendly, recyclable packaging. Ideal gifts, vegetable-based soap bars are cruelty-free and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. Triple-milled soap bars will ensure the highest quality and be naturally coloured with no colourants or dye. Coordinating ceramic soap dishes and a pumice stone will also be available along with multiple in-store display units. All soaps will be scented with the following fine fragrance or *essential oils:

• Painted Marks (200g) Argan & Orange Flower or Primrose & Wild Orchid RRP £5.95

• Dark Floral (200g) Floral leaves & Jasmine blossom RRP £5.95

• Blush Hues (200g) Salted Vanilla & Wooded Rose RRP £6.95

• Golden Bead (200g) Vanilla Noir & Patchouli & Oriental Fruit RRP £6.95

• Natural Hemp* (200g) Lavender & Ylang Ylang, Lime & Peppermint & Black Pepper & Sweet Orange RRP £8.95

• Natural Rainforest* (200g) Bird of Paradise, Tropical Mist & Mango & Lotus Flower RRP £6.95

• Natural Wellbeing* (150g) Lavender & Chamomile, Wild Mint & Avocado & Peppermint & Lavender RRP £6.95

• Parcel Naturals (150g) Lavender & Vetiver & Rose Geranium RRP £6.95

• Fruit Type (150g) Citrus Lemon, Coconut & Lime & Grapefruit & Orange RRP £5.95

• Oil Painting (150g) Pear & Tuberose & Peony Rose RRP £5.95

• Woodsman (200g) Fireside & Moss, Teakwood & Sage & Tobacco & Amber RRP £5.95

• Ceramic Soap Dishes from RRP £7.45

• Natural Pumice stone RRP £2.95

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