08 Dec 2023

The Lord of the Rings Jewellery By Cinereplicas

Fame Bros. Limited Hall: Hall 4 Stand: 4F76
The Lord of the Rings Jewellery By Cinereplicas

Cinereplicas operates under the official license of Warner Bros. and offers a range of collectibles, clothing, accessories, stationery, and kitchenware that appeals to seasoned fans. The newest addition to the Lord of the Rings collection includes one necklace, earrings, and a brooch.

Show your devotion to the iconic world of Middle-earth with Cinereplicas' new Lord of the Rings jewelry collection. This exquisite line features remarkable pieces that capture the essence of the beloved fantasy. 

Leading the collection is the breathtaking Evenstar necklace, whose dazzling pendant hangs gracefully from a silver chain, symbolizing hope and beauty. To complement the necklace, Cinereplicas has created the Evenstar earrings to match.

For those seeking a touch of Elven enchantment, our collection also includes the Lorien Leaf brooch, designed to replicate the shimmering silver veins seen in the movies, adding an authentic touch of Middle-earth magic to your wardrobe.

With these exquisite treasures, you can carry a piece of Middle-earth close to your heart, forever connected to the epic tales of heroism and friendship.

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