Handmade In The Cotswolds

Handmade In The Cotswolds

The Plastic-free Alternative To Cling Film

Handmade here in the Cotswolds from 100% cotton, organic jojoba oil, pine resin and local British beeswax. Lasting up to six years, our Beeswax Wraps are naturally antibacterial and breathable. The pine resin gives the wraps a natural adhesive, making sure food is sealed tight. Food stays noticeably fresher for longer, thanks to the breathability of the 100% organic cotton. After a year, you may want to refresh your wraps with a rewax bar. At the end of the wraps long life, you can pop them in the compost bin to biodegrade or use them as firelighters.

With the rising awareness of how little plastic is recycled and how much of a detrimental effect it is having on our environment, we want to play a part in helping people make small swaps in their daily lives to help reduce our reliance on plastic. We launched our company in June 2017 and have been overwhelmed with the interest we have had.  It really has shown us how much of an appetite there is from people wanting to make positive changes in their daily lives to help the environment. We sell our Beeswax Wraps through our online store and through independent retailers throughout the UK. They are available in a variety of sizes and packs to suit all kitchens and budgets, starting from £12 - The beautiful fabrics also look a lot nicer than cling film!

We have been featured in The Telegraph, The Guardian, Huffpost, BBC Good Food, The Metro and more.

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