25 Nov 2022

The future of sensory play

PODS Products LTD Hall: Hall 5 Stand: 5F14
The future of sensory play
Sensory Play Space - PODS Play

PODS Play - Creating the future of sensory play in the home, schools and in other worlds.

Since Covid-19 struck, parents have had a hard time of it. Home-schooling, coupled with partners who usually go to work for most of the daylight hours being home at all times, working from the dining table, schools and playgrounds closed, it’s been a year-long struggle, particularly for those with younger children.


Finding a way to stimulate creativity and imaginative play has been a challenge most parents never saw themselves facing, especially when our children aren’t able to interact with their peers and family as much as usual after the past year. It’s also unsurprisingly that children are picking up on the anxiety and pressure of this new world in which we find ourselves. So, what if there was a way for your children to feel safe, secure and encouraged to engage in structured and prompted thematic play, within a safe physical environment?


PODS pop-up play tents provide children with just such an opportunity. An inflatable 1.8m diameter ‘pod’ that inflates within 40 seconds and is stored to the size of a backpack, allowing complete flexibility and portability. Utilising strong, durable fabrics, with an optional memory foam floor mat, each POD is durable enough to withstand even the most boisterous of children. 


Based around a series of interchangeable ‘themes’ – the latest of which being Savannah Safari and Rumble in the Jungle, each mini-adventure provides children with a multi-sensory approach to imaginative play and learning. With an inclusive app, each theme encompasses a 360° surrounding, digital sound effects, an eBook (to be read by children or parents) and an audiobook version, to encourage a multi-layered sensory play experience that can be played through the included BlueTooth speaker. The luxury play tent themes are interchangeable and can be switched up periodically according to your child’s changing interests and preferences. In addition, extraordinary lighting can be selected using remote control technology, allowing children the choice of incorporating their favourite colour – or allowing for a smooth transition between the vast spectrum of hues.


PODS play tents provide children with a safe, controlled environment which is uniquely their own. The space provided inside the pod is invaluable to children, allowing them their own private space to grow, learn, develop and feel safe and secure – allowing their imagination to run wild. Further personalisation is on offer too, with the option to include your child’s name above the door of the POD, allowing them a greater sense of ownership and familiarisation. 


New and exciting PODS themes are being introduced all the time. The latest, Savannah Safari and Rumble in the Jungle take your mini-explorers on adventures into the African savannah, and deep into the rainforest; allowing them the opportunity to learn and experience life within the animal kingdom. With strong learning objectives, the stories that accompany these two newest PODS themes have an environmental focus, encouraging conservation and care for the natural world, whilst providing an exciting adventure, from which your child’s creativity will be springboarded. 


PODS products are innovative and revolutionary, and something that has never been done before. The founders’ intrinsic belief is that the products they create should result in a safe and secure environment whereby imaginations can run wild, encouraging and stimulating hours of experiential play and relaxation. These imaginative play tents have been created to provide ‘adventure portals’ to help facilitate imaginative play and learning, helping take your mini explorers on a journey in which their imaginations enhance and broaden the journey and experience.


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