06 Dec 2023

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas

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How to Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas

As the holiday season approaches, it’s crucial for brands to lead the way in creating an eco-friendly Christmas.

This involves not only providing sustainable gifts for children but also consciously selecting toys that positively impact our planet.

Whether crafted from recycled materials or presented in responsibly sourced packaging, it is essential for brands to champion sustainable toys, mitigating the environmental impact of the notoriously polluted plastic toy industry.

Recent statistics highlight the alarming environmental impact of plastic toys, with millions ending up in landfills annually. According to The World Counts, “The toy industry is the most plastic-intensive industry in the world,” with approximately 90% of toys on the market made of plastic.

However, promoting these environmental practices isn’t solely the responsibility of brands; families and parents play a crucial role in actively contributing to an eco-friendly Christmas. Here are some impactful ways to do so:

Eco-Friendly Gift Giving:

Celebrate an eco-friendly Christmas with thoughtful gift choices. Opt for sustainable gifts, from locally sourced and handmade products to those crafted from recycled materials. This diverse array of options allows individuals to express love and generosity without contributing to excessive waste.

Reducing Single-Use Items:

Take a conscious step towards minimising waste by cutting down on single-use items like wrapping paper, disposable plates, and cutlery. Choosing reusable alternatives and eco-friendly packaging that is fully biodegradable reflects our commitment to sustainability.

Decorate Responsibly:

Transform homes into festive wonderlands without harming the environment. Opt for sustainable decorations such as LED lights, natural materials, and reusable items to create an eco-friendly ambiance. Engaging in DIY projects using recyclable materials adds a personalised touch to your decorations.

The Toy Tribe’s Sustainable Solution:

Addressing this environmental challenge, The Toy Tribe, a Dorset-based manufacturing facility, is at the forefront of crafting eco-friendly, plastic-free toys and gifts.

These offerings are not only recyclable and biodegradable but also integrate STEM learning, ensuring a comprehensive and sustainable approach to play. With The Toy Tribe, families are not just selecting toys; they are actively participating in building a greener planet and diminishing their ecological footprint.

Unveiling Planet Town:

Continuing efforts to cater to various age groups and encourage creativity, The Toy Tribe has unveiled its latest release just in time for Christmas – Planet Town.

These vibrant playsets, ideal for imaginative play, feature scenes such as a pizza restaurant, ice cream parlour, fire station, and more. Notably, what sets Planet Town apart is its complete biodegradability, UK manufacturing and commitment to eco-friendly practices.

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