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4-7 FEBRUARY 2024

12 Dec 2022


Connoisseurs Jewellery Cleaners Hall: Halls 2, 3+3a Stand: 2L31
Biodegradable and environmental benefits

Biodegradable and environmental benefits...

Connoisseurs Launch Brush & Dazzle

Why we are so enthusiastic about this product,

• Over 100 uses per item.  In contrast to the traditional Jewellery cleaners, which is effective for about 25 uses, this product makes up to 100 cleanings.

• Consumable. In contrast to liquid Jewellery cleaners, which are like a bath in which you don’t change the water, this product is consumable. It’s a fresh solution every time.

• Nontoxic for cleaning silver. Traditional silver cleaners are toxic.

• All types of silver and gemstones. Standard silver cleaners are design to remove tarnish from Sterling Silver .925 ONLY. Brush & Dazzle Silver is designed to remove tarnish on all types of silver and gemstones plus polishes and *protects the silver (*anti-tarnish shield applied).

Safe for travel. 30ml, non-hazardous, compact, easy to use - simply (Drop + Brush + Dazzle).

• Professional brush. Consumers love our professional brush, which helps you clean safely.

• Biodegradable and environmental benefits. Formulas are biodegradable and we’ve dropped the plastic containers, so more cleans and less waste.

• Carbon footprint and freight. We can ship these more economically due to the product being nonhazardous, lighter, and packed compactly.


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