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In the age of ecommerce, most retailers have very little contact with their customers, which means that every point of contact, and chance to create a better impression of the business counts. Not only do businesses need to build that excellent relationship with their customers, but as customers share their purchases, and their unboxing experience on social media, both outside and inside the box has become essential for marketing the business.

Tissue paper is an excellent way for businesses to increase the look and feel of their packages – building the perception that the business cares about the customer. Due to the relatively low cost of tissue paper – a fraction of a penny per sheet in many cases, especially when bought in larger quantities – it is an affordable way to create that great impression. Even printed designs can be incredibly affordable, and tissue paper designs can be fun, on brand and build even better brand engagement with the customer too.

Wrapping products in tissue paper is really easy to do, and there is little training required for staff to be able to use it effectively. Using tissue paper in packaging isn’t just about increasing the feeling of luxury either; tissue paper can help to keep items from being jostled inside boxes and mailing bags, preventing scratches, and further protecting the products from dirt and dust. Should the products require further cushioning, tissue paper and honeycomb paper wrap create an attractive and effective finish, which can completely remove the need to use plastic for packaging.

Tissue paper is an excellent product from a sustainability perspective too, since it is recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable, which means that after use, customers can dispose of it in an environmentally responsible manner, and if it is added to household waste, it will break down easily.

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