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Recycled Mail Bags Recycled Mail Bags Recycled Mail Bags

When businesses are sending orders out to customers, their packaging solutions need to be reliable, robust, and durable, as well as being lightweight so that the packaging doesn’t add significant weight to the mailing. By using a lightweight mail bag, businesses are able to keep mailing costs to a minimum, and with a mixture of sizes and colours, they can also use the same type of packaging for many different types of products. 

For businesses that are sending orders internationally, it is even more important that the packaging solution that they choose is up to the test – and our mail bags are both puncture and tear proof. We’ve tested them extensively, and they can withstand a huge amount of rough handling, as well as being water resistant.

Our mail bags are available in a range of sizes, including those that suit Royal Mail Pricing in Proportion (PiP) sizes. Our mail bags are also available in a range of colours including black, white, and grey, and each are opaque for increased confidentiality. Not only that, but the self-adhesive seal is permanent, so when it has been peeled, sealed, and settled, the bag is permanently closed, making it easy to identify if the mail bag has been tampered with.

Our range of mail bags includes 100% recycled Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE), which are recyclable when the glue strip has been removed. We recommend businesses note this on their packing note, so that customers can be confident how best to dispose of their mail bag. In addition to our recycled mail bags, we have also developed compostable black mail bags, which are clearly marked as such. These make the perfect alternative to traditional plastic mailing bags as they perform to a similar standard to plastic, yet can be composted in both home and industrial composts.  

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