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  • Honeycomb Paper Roll
  • Honeycomb Paper Roll
Honeycomb Paper Roll Honeycomb Paper Roll Honeycomb Paper Roll

When you’re considering how to protect items when they are in transit on the way to the customer, you have some great options. One option is bubble wrap – which is a tried and tested solution, and ours is made from recycled, and recyclable film – but customers are demanding even more sustainable packaging options, which is where honeycomb paper cushioning comes in.

Honeycomb paper wrap is made from a roll of Kraft paper, which is cut on demand and as required using the wrap box converter. Once it has been cut, it then can be stretched around products to provide the cushioning required to keep the item safe during transit.

It isn’t just a practical solution either. Combined with soft white tissue paper, the honeycomb wrap is a much more aesthetically pleasing cushioning solution compared to bubble wrap – many customers describe it as a high end, or luxury wrap. This can offer a significant advantage in terms of positive reviews, and repeat custom.

In practical terms, honeycomb wrap is a much more efficient option for packing areas too. They’re compact, taking up much less space than bubble wrap, and because of the interlocking paper structure, there is no tape required to secure the wrap around the product.

Our collection of honeycomb paper rolls include the wrap box converter, the paper roll, and a paper roll dispenser – and getting started is incredibly affordable. When there are so many benefits to switching, what are you waiting for?

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