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11 Jan 2023

SS 2023 Catalogue

Bergs Potter Hall: Halls 8,7,6 Stand: 6A71


For over 80 years, Bergs Potter has been crafting quality flowerpots for plants and people to flourish and bloom. Illuminated by the glimmering and crisp sunbeams in our homes, kitchens, gardens, conservatories, and outdoor spaces, they remain solid and bracing havens for the natural splendour and the green contentment and well-being we bring into our lives.

Our items are designed in Denmark and handmade from premium quality clay at small, family-owned workshops. The clay is fired at very high temperatures, giving the pots a natural strength.  A special finish on the saucers ensures that they are completely waterproof, which makes our pots suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The high density of the clay means that the pots are frost resistant, and the porosity of the untreated terracotta secures the pots’ ability to retain moisture and allow air to the roots, giving your plants the best possible conditions to grow and thrive. The inspiration for our glazing palette is rooted in Scandinavia and saturated with intensity, accentuating the nuances between our different types of design.

ach of our items is glazed the old-fashioned way, individually and by hand, and just like Berg’s raw pots – all made to last for generations to come.

Welcome to our 2023 Spring/Summer catalogue.

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