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4-7 FEBRUARY 2024

13 Dec 2022

SNOAP Solid Soap Dispenser

Snoap Hall: Halls 2, 3+3a Stand: 3T52

               Why we choose ​SNOAP
It takes 5 x the energy to produce Liquid v Solid​
It takes 9 x the energy to transport Liquid v Solid​
20 x more energy is used in Liquid soap packaging
20 x larger energy footprint for Liquid v Solid​
Liquid soap has 10 x the carbon footprint of Solid​
We use 30% more water when washing with Liquid​
SNOAP lasts 10 times longer than liquid soap​
1 bar of SNOAP equals 10 bottles of Liquid or 2.5L
45 bars of SNOAP packed is 21x11x30 cm 112.5 litres of liquid​
45 bars weigh 5 kg v 120 kg of liquid soap​
Most liquid “soaps” are actually detergent and therefore called hand wash!​
400 litres of liquid equals 160 bars
112.5L of liquid cost £540 (250ml @£1.20) Equivalent Bars cost £225 (1 bar @£5)

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