25 Nov 2022

PODS Play - Sensory Spaces Look Book 2023

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PODS is the most innovative sensory play space in the universe. Budding, mini explorers can change their world with interchangeable interior and exterior themes and internal remote-controlled sensory lighting. PODS pops up in seconds, so it really is as easy as Plug In, Pop Up, Play. 


The PODS Play App increases the experience with complementing themed digital packs including audiobooks, eBooks, and sound effects; so join Professor PODS on his themed journeys into a range of adventures. The inclusive digital pack elevates the experience, making it a magical and immersive place to relax, play, read and even encourages children to do their homework.


As well as being used within the home for immersive playtime, PODS helps with easing anxieties, and complex meltdowns for children with conditions such as autism and ADHD and also for the physically disabled when a quick relaxation space is needed. PODS is perfect for schools, respite centres, charities and occupational therapists in the SEND market.


PODS are the most portable sensory spaces on the market as they pack up small and light, which is suitable for on-the-road carers when delivering respite care to the community. PODS are used in schools when a pop-up sensory space is needed to create a focused environment. In the home, it creates the most magical of play spaces for children in their own personal environment and a perfect hub for parent and child one-on-one time.


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