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The M20 Jewel is dedicated to flat and cylindrical jewellery engraving. Easy to use, versatile and portable, the M20 is the jeweller's best friend!

  • Modular
    The M20 Jewel rotary engraver is the ideal solution for ring engraving (inside and outside of rings), jewellery engraving & pendants, personalising gift items and engraving photos or logos. The M20 Jewel is also able to create small pieces of jewellery.
  • Compact
    The size of a small printer, this jewellery and ring engraver is easy to carry and fits anywhere in your working area, be it a small store or a busy workshop! Designed for customer safety, the M20 Jewel perfectly finds its place in any retail environment: personalisation creates unforgettable customer experiences.
  • Robust mechanics
    This jewellery engraving machine benefits from a new sturdy bridge and a stronger spindle. Its new design is a guarantee of longevity and durability, giving the M20 Jewel the heart and inner workings of an industrial powerhouse.

Are you looking for a more versatile engraving machine? Discover the M20, a complete solution made for gift engraving, small signage and retail personalisation.

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