18 Jan 2024

Kleine Wolke Classic Collection 2024

Kleine Wolke Hall: Halls 8,7,6 Stand: 8E70-F71

There are three Design Worlds for 2024. Each one brings together a number of lines from different product categories, to create a colour co-ordinated look that makes it quick and easy for consumers to create a bathroom accesory design theme that compliments their decor. 

The new Simply Ocean Design World invites you to let go and relax. ". Like a fresh sea breeze, the natural shades, shapes and patterns carry away the worries of the day.

In the New Harvest design world, you are guaranteed to switch off and recharge your batteries. Soft green tones paired with calming patterns invite you to linger and enjoy.

Loving, inspiring and calming: let the trendy colour purple shine in all its nuances in the new Daydrea Design World. Floral patterns, milky and shiny effects as well as soft lilacs encourage more (self-)love in your own home.

The Eco Collection is a large range of products in all bathroom accessory categories that are made from sustainable and recycled materials. 

In addition to these themed ranges, there are a multitude of products in traditional whites, beiges and pastel shades that ensure that eveyone can find what they like. 




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