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04 Feb 2022


The Art Company Hall: Halls 2, 3+3a Stand: 2D18

REFUGIO(Refuge), is the name of the new Autumn-Winter collection, because Nature is not only our inspiration, it's also our home, our refuge, everyone's shelter. Connecting with Nature, with our origins. Walking through forests where we can rest and let the wind blow through our hair. It's somewhere to find impulse to take flight once more.

First, I'd like to show you the range of colours that we'll be working with in this collection. This range connects with a winter scene, mixing “blues” – mist, snow, stone – and “neutral earth tones” like brown and russet..These two ranges of colour transfer us to a mountain in winter, where we can feel the cold outside and the warmth of our refuge at the same time.

The mixture of the different materials and textures together with our new materials form a warm, snug combination, reenforcing the feeling of refuge, shelter and comfort.


I'd like you to take a look at our new materials, so you can discover the feeling I'm talking about.


We've added “woolen cuffs” to our collection. The combination with our skin creates a very personal style, reenforcing the brand's DNA and achieving a very modern look. Natural fleece providing a really warm, comfortable feeling.

Woolen laces, laced by hand in order to create models with unique detail and craftsmanship.

Another of the new materials we've used in this collection is a noble material, pine wood, as this is a natural and sustainable material. We've used it to create soles, and also to create a new family called the Pines. This new collection combines simple and modern , giving the collection a new look laced with Nordic minimalistic functionality. 

Apart from all this, in this collection we've reenforced a style that we call “sustainable adventure”. As a part of EL NATURALISTA  I'd like to say that we're living a permanent adventure. We investigate, test and experiment with the materials all year long, as well as experimenting with the most sustainable materials: recycled, biodegradable, comfortable, long-lasting...This collection includes extremely versatile material, like cords and laces and recycled 3 dimentional material for a more adventuous style of product, perfect for day to day use.


You can find these new materials in several of this collection's items, as well as a new family called Gorbea, with a casual style very much connected to our values and our way of life.

All in all, this new collection stands out because of its colours and the warmth and simpleness of its shapes. We are always striving to offer a sustainable product that stands out in both quality and craftsmanship.


That's all for now, we hope you've liked it and we'd love you to have a look at our catalogue so you can see each of our creations in detail.

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