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10 Dec 2021

CANOFF! The Flying Disc Game

CANOFF Game Hall: Hall 5 Stand: 5F38

How to play, it’s simple: two teams, two poles, two cans and one flying disc … you score points by knocking the other teams can off a pole.  The first team to ten points wins! 

Two points for hitting the can clean off, one point for hitting the pole and the can falls off, but, hit the can off and the other team catches it, then that team is awarded a point. But be careful, a mistake knocking your own can off will lose you one point! Additional rules can be applied such as penalties and play with one hand.

It’s easy to assemble. The poles clip together using a crutch pin system, push them into the bases and the mounts clip on top for your can to sit on.

It all packs away into a mesh carry bag provided, wherever you are and who you play with, Canoff is a thrilling competitive game to play by all ages.

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