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4-7 FEBRUARY 2024

Connect for exhibitors

Join Connect @ Spring Fair today, it’s how business gets done

Connect @ Spring Fair will take lead generation to a whole new level, connecting all 1,200+ Spring Fair exhibitors with 8,000+ buyers pre-show for 12,000+ high value meetings held at Spring Fair 2024.

All meetings are double-opt in (both parties want to meet), held on your stand and are scheduled based on your individual availability. Connect @ Spring Fair creates leads and opportunities in an incredibly efficient and effective way, increasing your overall ROI from exhibiting at the show.



What do I get?

  • Double opt-in 15-minute introductory meetings at your stand with buyers who want to meet you.
  • Continue your introductory conversations by arranging follow-up meetings within the Connect @ Spring Fair platform. You can even download your meetings summary, including any notes taken and contact details for everyone you’ve met.
  • Enhance your onsite presence by using Connect @ Spring Fair technology to access a larger pool of buyers that you want to target.
  • Proactively find and pre-schedule meetings with potential buyers, rather than waiting for buyers to find you and come to your stand.

Tell me more

Every Spring Fair exhibitor is automatically enrolled in Connect @ Spring Fair. Meetings are scheduled based on mutual interest and availability, meaning you only meet buyers who want to meet you and learn about your products.

Exhibitors from across home, gift, fashion (and everything in between) will participate in Connect @ Spring Fair, representing thousands of new and established brands and tens of thousands of products pre-show to 8,000+ buyers.



Why Connect @ Spring Fair?

You’ll meet prospective customers and generate qualified leads. You’ll re-engage with existing contacts to identify new sales opportunities to work together. And, you’re given the ideal platform to launch and showcase your new products to 8,000+ buyers pre-show, with 34k total buyers that come to Spring Fair.


Did you know?

Connect @ Spring Fair is powered by the leading meetings tech company that developed and operates the largest meetings programmes for retail events in the US, yes we’re talking about ShopTalk and Groceryshop!


Why only 15 minute meetings?

Connect @ Spring Fair is powered by the leading US meetings tech company behind ShopTalk and Groceryshop. Having completed tens of thousands of meetings, they have found the sweet-spot and 15 minutes is the right amount of time for efficiency and cut-through.

Which buyers could I meet?

With Connect @ Spring Fair, you’ll meet everyone you need to meet! All meetings are double opt-in with buyers who have chosen to meet you too and want to learn more about your products. 8,000+ buyers from across retail are joining Connect @ Spring Fair, including:

Independent Gift Stores / Boutiques / Home/Furniture Retailers / Lifestyle Stores / Garden Centres / Jewellery Stores / High St Fashion/Fashion Retailers / Department Stores / Destinations/Attractions / Discount Retailers / Toy/Children’s Gift Stores / Farm Shops / Supermarkets / Pharmacy/Chemists / Bookshops / Independent Fashion Boutiques / Wholesale/Distribution / Interior Design/Architecture / Hospitality / Importer/Exporters

How does it work?

Connect @ Spring Fair participants from your organisation will follow a simple process in the 4 weeks leading up to Spring Fair to schedule and confirm meetings. Then, when you’re at the show, you’ll have your meetings on your stand - it’s that easy!

  • Complete your profile and tell us your availability.
  • View and select buyers and request to meet.
  • Opt into meeting requests you receive from buyers.
  • Accept your meetings.
  • 4-7 February 2024 - it’s time to attend your meetings!


I’m an exhibitor, how do I take part in Connect @ Spring Fair?

Every Spring Fair exhibitor is automatically enrolled in Connect @ Spring Fair (you’ll thank us later!). You’ll follow a simple process in the 4 weeks leading up to Spring Fair to schedule and confirm meetings with buyers who you want to meet, but also buyers who are interested in your products too. Then, when you’re at the show, you’ll have your meetings at your stand.

Are there sponsorship opportunities for exhibitors?

Yes, a limited number of Connect @ Spring Fair sponsorship opportunities are available, please contact connect@springfair.com for more information.

How long is each Connect @ Spring Fair meetings?

Each Connect @ Spring Fair meeting is 15 minutes long. All meetings are double opt-in, meaning both parties have agreed to meet. Buyers participate in as many double opt-in 15 minute speed date meetings as they’d like – limited only by availability and mutual interest. Need more than 15 minutes? Simply arrange a follow-up meeting at or after the show.

As an exhibitor, who can I meet through Connect @ Spring Fair?

Within the Connect @ Spring Fair platform, you can request to meet with over 8,000 Spring Fair buyers pre-show across Independent Gift Store/Boutiques, Home/Furniture Retailers, Lifestyle Stores, Garden Centres, Jewellery Stores, High St Fashion/Fashion Retailers, Department Stores, Discount Retailers, Toy/Children’s Gift Stores, Farm Shops, Supermarkets, Pharmacy/Chemists, Bookshops, Independent Fashion Boutiques, Wholesale/Distribution centres,, Interior Designers/Architecture, Hospitality, Importer/Exporters.

I still have a question about Connect @ Spring Fair, who can I speak to?

For more information on Connect @ Spring Fair which isn’t answered in the above, simply speak to your Spring Fair Account Manager or send an email to marketing@springfair.com and a member of the team will be in touch shortly!

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